Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mother Goose Knows Best

A banana, an apple, went walking one day
Two merrier souls were never
The apple, so dapple, all smiles and shines
The banana thought himself so clever
They happened upon Mister Apricot,
And they both stood just out of reach
The Banana called out, 'Hey there, you lout!
You look like the son of a peach!'
Now the Apricot, a lonesome chap
Decided to show them their places
'You ignorant fruit, I don't give a toot,
But I warn you, don't be such a racist!'
After the teasing occurred more and more
Mister Apricot caved to his ire
He kicked down the door, and planted C4
And brought his s'mores for the fire
And this is where our story ends
Banana and Apple were caught unaware
The resulting explosion, like poetry in motion
A flaming fruit salad in air!

Story Type: A Mother Goose Tale

Must include: a mistaken identity, a talking food item, and it must end with something exploding into flames

Must use the phrase: “Don’t be such a racist!”

Bonus: Make mostly everything rhyme or pun

1 comment:

  1. Leila, you continue to amaze me and it's only Day Two of the exercises! Great meter - I'm also impressed you could rhyme racist! (It's a slant, but still well done! Doesn't feel forced.)

    Keep writing! :D YAY!